23 Dec

How to Choose a VPN Service in 5 Minutes?

Do you know that there are more than 300 VPNs in the market now? Do you also know that consumers do not look for the same features as their primary consideration in choosing the right VPN for them? Encryption, security, anonymous browsing and different IP addresses are some of the major considerations, but in the end, it is still the consumer himself who understands his needs. Understanding your peculiar VPN needs is the first step to learn how to choose a VPN service in 5 minutes.

Look for these VPN Features and Choose a VPN in 5 Minutes

Choosing the right VPN should not be complicated. Figure out your VPN needs and find one that matches your needs and presto, your search is done!

Look at the VPN’s specialty. It could be encryption, speed or anonymity but make sure the provider shines in at least one area, the feature that you are looking for. Some VPNs excel in more than one area, and that will even make your choice faster and easier to decide on. Sometimes choosing by elimination works. If you love to watch movies, immediately eliminate VPNs that has geographical issues with your favorite movie websites. A journalist should immediately reject VPNs that retain logs and have lame encryption. Some users are specifically looking for kill-switch features, and will immediately eliminate VPNs without it.

Check the compatibility of your devices

Usually, VPNs support the most highly accepted platforms of Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Just like earlier, you can immediately reject VPNs that are incompatible with your devices.

Look for a VPN with user-friendly interface

You should consider eliminating VPNs with complex setup and user-interface if you are not tech savvy. There are other VPNs in the market with simpler procedures and more user-friendly platforms. Some providers even offer virtual setup, which does not require any action on your part.

Make sure that vital locations are covered

The number of servers and the locations can make you decide the fate of a VPN. With more servers, you also have more options if you plan to live or work elsewhere. The location is important in anticipating regional online issues and finding ways to address them beforehand.

Address the issue on payment

You should immediately know which VPNs are reasonable and affordable within your budget. This is one way to know how to choose a VPN service in 5 minutes.

Consider VPN reliable custom service

If your online activities require you to have VPN 24/7 customer service, there is no reason to still consider VPNs without it. VPNs have dynamic operations that require frequent attention. Preferably choose the one with live-chat because the e-mail and ticket systems take time from long hours and even long days.

Insist on money-back guarantee

This is the best means to ensure that you are not wasting money on a product that does not satisfy you. And how come that it is the best VPNs in the market that offer a money-back guarantee? They are truly confident on the performances and features of their products as well as your approval and satisfaction.

Avoid having a mindset that all VPNs offer the same service and by just comparing the prices you think you already know how to choose a VPN service in 5 minutes. Even the free VPNs may prove to be a waste of time because of bad quality and pesky ads. Instead, use elimination to quickly filter out other VPNs and finally be left with the VPN that suits your needs.

16 Dec

Is NordVPN Good for Downloading and Streaming?

Before you even begin to know the answer to the question, “Is NordVPN good for downloading or streaming?” we should first clear some misconception about the terms. The words downloading and streaming are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different processes. Downloading refers to copying a file or data from the internet or other device into your computer or phone. Streaming is the constant influx of data from the internet into your device and no copying is done. Speed has no direct relationship with bandwidth. There are advantages and disadvantages to both processes with the common ground that they are both data-intensive.

Although more known as a VPN security specialist, the service provider has an admirable VPN connection speed as well. Even with the existence of reduced Internet speed that comes with VPN usage, NordVPN still provides their customers with excellent speed to meet their downloading and streaming needs. Besides the loss in speed is spent on extra security features.

Factors that could answer the Question: Is NordVPN Good for Downloading or Streaming?

  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth. Speed is bit rate of transporting data while bandwidth refers to the amount of bits available for use. Speed is affected after data passes through a VPN but has an advantage also, in terms of security. The issue on bandwidth occurs when providers intentionally reduce usage to accommodate the huge volume of users, as if the available bandwidth is subdivided among them. NordVPN boasts of unlimited speed and bandwidth.
  • Geographically distributed server network. A multitude of optimized servers spread throughout strategic locations around the world offer better overall downloading and streaming activities. Torrenting, a form of downloading but utilizes chunks of data from several servers, clearly benefits from distributed servers, special in terms of geographical restrictions and server congestion solution. Also, try to download and stream from a nearby service location to avoid interruptions and ping spikes.
  • No censorship issues or geo-restrictions. Contents from countries with censorship issues or those with geographical restrictions are impossible to access without NVP and slower to access with NVP. Subscribing with NordNVP provides you with seamless browsing experience when there are no censorships or geo-restrictions.
  • Torrent supported. An important feature that NordNVP offers to its client is torrent support. This feature allows you with access to unlimited torrents with just one click of the mouse. It also lets you achieve reliable anonymity and 100% protection against malicious hackers, DMCA, copyright infringement warnings and obtrusive unauthorized ISP surveillance.
  • Streaming add-on components. These optional add-ons makes video movie-watching on sites like NetFlix and Hulu an awesome experience with up to 60 Mbps speed boost. But still, this does not answer the question, “Is NordVPN good for downloading or streaming?

To answer the issue, “Is NordVPN good for downloading or streaming?” would be difficult because there are other factors that comes into play when the actual VPN experience happens. Add-ons that relate to streaming are optional and may or may not be available to NordVPN clients. These add-ons substantially elevate the quality of streaming. Unless servers are fully optimized, there may be some dips in VPN performance. NordVPNs downloading and streaming capability is rated high in the industry, even if security is its forte.