30 Dec

58% Off All Plans with VyprVPN Coupon (Special New Year Sale)

Several years ago, theft meant only the loss of property from bad criminals. Today, theft has reached a level of sophistication but with more damage to property and other aspects. On a business level, banks get robbed with money worth several millions of dollars, while on a personal level, individuals experience unauthorized withdrawals running up to thousands of dollars or get traumatized by evil blackmailers. These occurrences can cause devastating losses or even traumatic experiences but even pesky ads and stalkers are enough to give bad light on the modern data transfer technology that is now sweeping and changing how we live today. Internet has made our lives dramatically better, but without attention to security all the benefits of modern technology are negated.

Identity theft and personal data invasion is difficult to detect until the damage is done. US federal government, in the interest of national security, has coerced telecommunications companies to divulge sensitive personal data if needed. There are laws that can support these actions that lend the telecommunications company powerless to refuse. Malicious technology-savvy internet criminals can obtain sensitive personal data without your knowledge, through hidden programs that penetrate your computers and send the information back to the criminals. The best way to keep your data safe is through VPN technology that provides a direct communication tunnel through a server between the user and the site, free from lurking hackers and government spies. These VPN service providers have servers outside the US for example, as a means for American users to avoid US laws governing electronic data security.

One such provider is VyprVPN. It has 700 servers spread across three continents that include Europe, North America and Asia covering 94 countries. Although subscription is a bit expensive, the reliable, ultra speedy service and great value are worth every cent that you spend. Furthermore the company offers a VyprVPN coupon that makes the subscription light on your pocket by letting you save as much as 58%. The best offer so far is $3.75 monthly subscription fee for 1-year lock-up with features that include unlimited usage and 3 simultaneous connections.

Other Amazing VPN Coupons to Make You Salivate

Before even talking about VPN coupon price values, you should first know exactly what a coupon code is. A coupon code contains a combination of numbers and letters that needs to be filled into a form provided by web sites after you have purchased a subscription. The code is encrypted into your subscription account which automatically gets credited with the discount offer amount that can run up to 50% and even more. Now, for other amazing discount aside from the above mentioned VyprVPN coupon code, the following are worth mentioning:

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is considered to be the best provider alternative for US residents that disagree with their government’s intrusion and wire-tapping activities for the sake of national security. The company is based in Canada, outside US jurisdiction, and has over 58 other countries where it has servers totaling 1015.. Apart from reliable and speedy connection, Nord VPN offers the rare six simultaneous connections. To sweeten the deal, the provider offers a coupon code that drastically reducers your dual-year lock-up subscription to only $3.29 per month to avail of what is considered as the most secured provider by many.

Tunnel Bear

When it comes to user-friendliness, no other VPN can top Tunnel Bear. The proprietary and custom software makes this possible and also usable in various platforms including computers and mobile devices. Tunnel Bear boasts of 1,000 servers in more than 20 locations and a maximum device support of 5 simultaneous connections. Adding privacy and performance excellence to ease of use make this Canadian provider worth all its salt for a coupon coded $4.99 monthly subscription for 1 year.


6 simultaneous connections are rare, but Windscribe’s unlimited connection is truly one for the books. The provider caters to native Windows, Mac and iOS users using servers located in 40 different countries. The speed and quality of connectivity are first rate with a multitude of add-ons make the coupon coded $3.75 monthly subscription fee for a 1-year lock-up, more than reasonable.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is widely considered as the Best VPN for private browsing online. In addition, the provider boasts of 2,000 servers, 20 country locations, and 5 simultaneous connections for a single account. Its exclusive program makes private browsing seamless and easy with virtual location, and “access all content” features. Performance test results showed that latency exhibits only a marginal increase, and uploads and downloads speeds tended to go faster once a connection is made. The coupon coded subscription rate boils down to only $3.99 per month for a 1-year lock-up.

While all these VPN service providers are first rate in securing your data, each one possess a different specialty that set it apart, aside from different price schemes, supported by discounts like the VyprVPN coupon. Some VPNs are faster, more secure, easier to use, best for online browsing, have more simultaneous connections, but in the end, the best service provider will depend on your needs and priorities.

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